Pop, sing, stand out.

Make it count.

Introducing PromoPods – Melbourne’s hottest new brand activation space! PromoPods is a purpose built mobile promotional space designed with your brand in mind.

With 3 massive windows at eye level, wheels that hide away and no truck front, PromoPods is the perfect blank canvas for your experiential marketing campaigns.

Impress your customers with a fully immersive brand experience and let them become your global brand ambassadors!

Unleash your


Unleash your Potential

Brand Activation

Whether you’re dropping a new product line, music album, creating a food experience, setting up a human car wash…PromoPods can make it happen. 9 years of successful brand activations gives us the experience and flexibility to bring your ideas to life. Start to finish, we’re there every step of the way.

We’re into big and bold, making a splash and challenging the world. Let’s see what we can do together!

40 square meters of advertising space.

Melbourne New Promotional Space

All in the Details

low windows
hidden wheels
power, sinks + more

PromoPods is custom designed with one goal in mind – to help you connect with people. Ever had to stand on tiptoe at a food truck wondering why everything was ridiculously out of reach? When we designed PromoPods, we put the windows right where they belong – closest to the people that matter – your customers. It might seem obvious, but it’s small details like this that can make it or break it for your brand. PromoPods is designed with your customers in mind first.

Go Viral

Go Viral

It’s the dream of content creation – massive exposure, viral social media and lifelong customers! Consumers today live on their devices, so tailoring your live brand experience for social media can see a local community based event reach massive, even global audiences.

In a post Covid-19 world, brand authenticity and meaningful connections are more important than ever. Stand out from your competitors and combine an immersive live brand experience with the power of digital advertising. PromoPods is waiting for you!

Here’s how some of the best in the world do it. In 2015 Carlsburg erected a giant poster at a London brewery that read “Probably the Best Poster in the World” – with a free flowing beer tap available to eager customers. It drew massive crowds and people shared pictures far and wide on social media. PR companies picked it up as news and the brand drew massive global exposure as part of a year long marketing campaign.

play it upon social media.

Anyone for bug ice cream?

Case Study

Brand Experience

Case Study

When global magazine, ‘The Economist’ wanted to go big, bold and daring, PromoPods was the perfect mobile brand space to kick start their campaign!

We were challenged to create a promotional space set up on Sydney’s Bondi Beach to give away – yep – INSECT ice cream – as part of their ongoing brand awareness campaign.

The operation was a massive success and became part of a 5 year long brand awareness strategy.

But how was the bug ice cream?!

Food truck pop up

Let’s recap.

All the glorious features.

3 phase power connection

Need a lot of power? PromoPods can handle it! Equipped with a 3 phase power connector - wherever there is access to 3 phase power, PromoPods was built to run it!

Fully customisable outer walls

Don’t get lost in the crowd of digital ads. Put your brand on show the right way! The Pod can be wrapped any way you like. Put it in front of people and watch them share it with the world.

3 sinks & hot water

Each sink is a separate mobile unit with taps, cold and hot running water. This makes it super easy to move things around and customise the Pod any way that you want!

Modular interior

Move things around or clear it out and design it from scratch. Whatever your idea, PromoPods has the flexibility to help you make it come to life!

6 power points

Whatever crazy stunt you’re pulling, you’ll have power you need at every turn. 6 strategically placed power points means easy access whatever the job.

3 massive windows

Make that face to face connection with your audience and build the brand loyalty you deserve. Eye level openings that slide up and not out let you get up close and personal!

Stainless benchtops

Easy to clean, modern stainless benchtops make your life so easy. Perfect for food and easily covered for other applications.

Walk right in

One side wall opens completely providing an instant ramp up into the Pod. Let people walk into your space without having to open a door!

Stainless steel walls

We’ve got every little detail covered, including the walls which are splash proof, waterproof and super easy to clean at the end of the day.

Hidden wheels

Presentation is key, and unsightly wheels have no place for your food truck or brand activation. Make your brand pop, the Pod has wheels that are tucked away so you can show off your thing!

Tough rhino flooring

Make a massive mess, wipe it clean and do it all again the next day. We’ve got it all covered, right down to the tough, durable waterproof floor.

Tuck away drawbar

Once the Pod is in position, the van drives off and the drawbar tucks neatly away. Perfect presentation every time.

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More about us

More about us

Introducing our sister company, Bianco Latte Gelateria and Gelato Carts. It was through successful corporate branding of hundreds of gelato carts that the idea for PromoPods was born.

With over 9 years experience in corporate branding, PromoPods was purpose built to maximise the experience of a full blown live brand activation.

So if you have an idea, we have the knowledge, skills and the best team to help you out. Send us a message, we’re just a click away!

9 years of happy clients.

Purpose built from scratch.
Designed for you.

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The only mobile promotional space you’ll ever need.


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